it is confusing..... it is really confusing
wat happen to me? or i should say, wat happen to u??
y don u just deny anything when they r spreading such a rumour?
y don u just attack them back?
u know tat i cant do anything for tat, if I talk or deny or clarify it
then the whole world will lagi think tat o yea tis is a truth, they two really together adi
n now, tis rumour is such a hot topic among the discussion in bw
until i don dare to contact u anymore
i just want to be ur best fren, n tats all
n start another new chapter of life
m i cheating myself now?
or i just want to find sum substitution due to sorrowfulness?
wat is really happening???!!!
they said everything happen behind there must be a reason
n now wat is the reason??
im confusing.........
can i just shout shit for tat?? TT
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