happy valentine's day~

14/2/2012, well yesterday was a normal tuesday for me, as usual, killing all the notes for final, tat v have to study like hell so v can pass the exam steadily
if not bcoz of u, yesterday will be just like a normal Tuesday for me, but u r the one who make the Tuesday a little more meaningful than it should be ~ ^^
thank you~ really appreciate everything u did for me, every single little thing tat u care for me, is more than enuf. u r the one make my life cheerful n vivid, n at the same time i will try my best to make ur life colourful n joyful
sorry tat i cant really enjoy the day, as i cant finish my study , TT cant finish my goal today, have to catch it up by today le. but for me, even though it is not a real valentine for me yet, still it is enjoyable~ =)

you and me~
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